A Night Out

Saturday night, my friend and I decided to take a trip to Daejeon Station which is an area that has a decent shopping selection. We ended up spending a few hours there walking up and down the streets where people sold seafood, knick-knacks, food, and pets! Afterwards we made our way to a college area and went to a bar, Santa Claus. This bar gives English speakers a taste of home because it is an English bar that is open and is filled with English music, a foosball table, and a pool table!

Additionally, my friend met a very friendly couple who latched onto him quickly. They ended their long night of conversing by walking down the street embracing their new friendship through some lovely hand holding. 🙂

Korean’s are so adorable.

Mama and Sons: French Toast

My first American-ish meal! A friend told me about this restaurant, Mama and Sons, that is located a block away from my work. I am so glad he told me about this place! I ordered french toast and it is the best french toast I have ever had. I need to learn how to make this heavenly meal! This meal was basically a stuffed french toast. Inside was cheese, peppers, onions, meat, and some red sauce. It may sound odd, but do not judge until you try it!

My mouth is already watering thinking about it. Yep…going to go eat it now! 🙂


Soju is another staple drink in South Korea. I had to try it because it is very popular in this country. Unfortunately, I believe it is disgusting! I am not a vodka lover and this drink taste similar to vodka minus the lingering taste vodka leaves. Also, with the soju came a slab of baked eggs with vegetables. I do not see how Koreans can eat so much! They order food with every drink!