Beomeosa Temple

The following video is of Beomeosa Temple in Busan, South Korea!Β This temple is one of the three largest temples in the Young Nam province in Busan. It was built in 678 with an intention to realize the purpose of HwaEom, a Korean monastery that pursues a life full of happiness and generosity.

My cogitation about my experience in Busan will be coming soon, so in the mean time I hope you enjoy this video! πŸ™‚

A New Beginning

During my first month in South Korea I had been searching for the perfect pair of chopsticks. I wanted my first pair of chopsticks to last me a lifetime and be a symbol that I have finally immersed myself into a culture unlike my own…a symbol of a new beginning.

While in Seoul, I spent some time in Insadong to do some shopping. As I was shopping I found a pair of chopsticks I liked, so I bought them! My first pair! Later that night, I made my way back home to Daejeon. It was a long night and I was tired, but as soon as I got home I regained my energy. Why? I became extremely excited because on my table was a note with a pair of chopsticks! My friend, whom had stayed with me for a few weeks, had left this thank you gift on my table before we left for Seoul! What a great surprise!

These chopsticks are, truly, my my first pair! The best thing about these chopsticks is that they were a gift from a dear friend of mine. These chopsticks will stay with me forever and always be cherished.

Thank you, David, for being a part of this new chapter in my life. Chopsticks

A Weekend in Seoul

I am deeply sorry, as my last post was nearly a month ago! This last month was my first month teaching, but now that my life has finally settled down (because I have my time management figured out), I will be making regular, weekly posts! I have quite a few topics to reflect on, so I will post each reflection once a week until I have brought everyone up-to-date!

The following post is an insert of my journal which I recorded on September 7th while spending my first weekend in Seoul:

As I sit in a cafe, sipping on Korean tea and eating traditional dessert, I reflect on my weekend. David (my college friend) and I decided to head up to Seoul for his last weekend in South Korea (David had been traveling Asia all summer and one of is stops was South Korea to visit me). We arrived to Seoul late Friday night after taking the bullet train. The bullet train got up to 300 kilometers per hour! That night we stayed at Bong House…my first hostel! It was great! I will be staying at more hostels throughout my travels. As for Saturday, Dave and I went to Gangnam to walk around, shop, and dance…Gangnam style. πŸ˜‰ This was Dave’s last day in Asia and I am very happy he ended his trip by staying with me…for three weeks! It was great to have someone to explore with!

The next day, I had the whole day all to myself because David left for the United States early that morning. This was the first time in three weeks that I was alone! I decided to spend the day at Insadong (인사동). This area of Seoul is filled with people and shops selling traditional Korean souvenirs. While there, I finally purchased my first pair of chopsticks and gifts for family members.

Now…I am relaxing as I write this entry. The theme in this Insadong cafe is amazing. At each table is a notebook/journal that people may write in. Every entry is torn from the journals and placed under glass table toppers at each booth, or hung on the wall. There are hundreds of entries! Everyone is able to leave their mark at this cafe.

I admire all of these entries. I began to think about how I need to leave a mark everywhere I go and with everyone I meet. Individuals never know how much of a lasting effect they can leave. It is my goal to always leave a positive, lasting impression with everyone I meet and everywhere I go! I am excited to leave my mark these next two years in South Korea. Hopefully one day I will be the effects that it made on other individuals. πŸ™‚

The following photos are from my time in Seoul. There is no particular order to these photos. I would like some of them to be closer to one another because some photos have explanations in the captions. I guess you will just have to look at them all! πŸ˜‰