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A New Beginning

During my first month in South Korea I had been searching for the perfect pair of chopsticks. I wanted my first pair of chopsticks to last me a lifetime and be a symbol that I have finally immersed myself into a culture unlike my own…a symbol of a new beginning.

While in Seoul, I spent some time in Insadong to do some shopping. As I was shopping I found a pair of chopsticks I liked, so I bought them! My first pair! Later that night, I made my way back home to Daejeon. It was a long night and I was tired, but as soon as I got home I regained my energy. Why? I became extremely excited because on my table was a note with a pair of chopsticks! My friend, whom had stayed with me for a few weeks, had left this thank you gift on my table before we left for Seoul! What a great surprise!

These chopsticks are, truly, my my first pair! The best thing about these chopsticks is that they were a gift from a dear friend of mine. These chopsticks will stay with me forever and always be cherished.

Thank you, David, for being a part of this new chapter in my life. Chopsticks