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Yeoncheonbong Peak Reflection

The following is an insert of what I wrote on top of Yeoncheonbong Peak:

Today marks the first day of many solo hikes. As I sit on the top of Yeoncheonbong Peak, 756 meters above sea level, I gaze out at the mountain peaks that sporadically vanish into the foggy mist above. Although this summit is not the highest on this particular range, it is just as beautiful. If anything, it is better. I have been sitting on the highest point of the Yeoncheonbong Peak for approximately 30 minutes now and I have only seen two other people. It is so peaceful. What makes this view exquisite is the absence of trees which allows me to see everything surrounding the mountain.

These mountains, or any mountains, will cease to exhaust me. To see the small wonders in this world causes an individual realize that there is always more to see. Whether these wonders are beautiful or not, it is worth experiencing. These new experiences cause an individual to realize how miniscule his or her life is in this world.

In this world we have become so materialistic. We have become fixated on having the biggest house, newest technology, or most expensive clothes or jewelry. What does that do for an individual internally? Instead of using our resources to satisfy our acquisitive nature towards items, we should use our resources to better ourselves mentally or spiritually. If more individuals were to do this we may better understand and appreciate the world.

This hike cost me $3.75 in transportation and $2 in entrance fees. Six dollars cannot buy me the most popular apparel or newest item on the market, but instead it gave me an enduring view. The path I took to reach the precipice was rocky and challenging. I had to push myself up the mountain to view the land below from a different perspective. Although the path chosen was difficult, I would take this experience I received when reaching my destination over any materialistic item any day.