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Beef and RiceSouth Koreans always serve so much food! I chose this meal because it was one of the cheapest. It might be a bad thing that I like it so much because the restaurant is located in the same building as my school!

With each meal, comes side dishes…which you can see in the background. The dish in the far back left was filled with mixed vegetables. The dish in the far back right is one of my favorite sides! It is called a fish cake. I don’t know how it is made or what all goes into it, but I always want more! The side located in the front left is kimchi. Kimchi is a staple in South Korea. It is served with everything. You can eat is cold, grilled, or as a soup. I need to learn how to make it because it is only pickled cabbage in a red pepper paste. So simple, yet so tasty. The front center dish consist of a cold, soft seaweed salad. The front right dish is filled with bean sprouts…always great with every meal! Finally, the bowl located to the right of the main dish is a soup. I am not sure what kind of soup this is, but it taste similar to a hot chicken broth…not too shabby! 🙂

Now, I can’t forget the main dish! The main dish is a type of bibimbap, which is usually meat and vegetables mixed with rice. The meat I chose for this meal was pork. Although I am not a big fan of pork, I believe I am slowly starting to love it! I do wish each and every one of you could have the option of eating this meal because, so far, it is my favorite dish in Daejeon! 🙂