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Dried Squid

Dried OutWhat is a great snack in Daejeon that everyone loves?! Why it is dried squid! Initially, I was apprehensive about trying it, but I am glad I did! It reminds me of the jerky that you can buy at gas stations in the United States! As for this package, there are three different colors because there are three different flavors to this squid. One section is a plain, bland flavor. Another has a peanut butter flavor to it, and finally, the orange section is the SPICY squid! I know it may sound nasty, but this stuff is even better than jerky found in the United States!

As for the three items located on top of the squid, they are strawberry pastries. This pastries have thin layers similar to the layers found in baklava. Finally these pastries are topped with a gooey, strawberry jelly! 🙂